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Cheri Hartsfield

Best Selling Christian Author | Conference Leader | Plenary Speaker |Pastor | Wife |Mother

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Best-Selling Author of...

How I Learned That
Healing is the Children’s Bread


New Release

How I Learned that...
Healing is the Children’s Bread:
A Pediatric Cancer Journey of Faith and Healing

Life’s challenges have a purpose. Whether the challenge is loss, sickness, pain, or grief, God’s overall plan is at work. Even when those who love God don’t understand the situation that God allows, they can still believe that life is working out for their good. Healing is the Children’s Bread recounts the true story of a mother’s alarm at the sudden unexplainable illness of her 8-year-old daughter and how a devout Christian could face such a challenge. Like a road map, this book details the process of healing, and the things one learns while in the fight to be well. For this ministry family, the challenge of sickness comes amid the fallout of three consecutive job losses that put them in a financial tailspin. Their crisis within a crisis required this mother and her family to trust God for their most basic needs and a miracle healing. Prayer, their key component, helped the family’s faith to grow as they witnessed God’s power to keep them from hunger, foreclosure, homelessness, and death. For anyone who needs faith in God for anything, let this book be a guide.

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Book Share for  Parents who need hope.
"In December, I decided to share my story of hope with parents of pediatric oncology patients. My gift was given to for them to have faith in the midst of fear and their most difficult challenge, a terminally ill child. Many other parents need this hope and with your donation, I can share my book of hope with several other parents. "


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What a trying yet miraculous journey this family trekked and prevailed with the help of our heavenly Father! I This is a story that needed to be told. Get this book to help to increase your faith and encourage your heart! I highly recommend it!

Denise H.

When the subjects of healing and God's involvement come up, people often shy away from giving God the well-deserved glory for His acts and interventions.  Some still have a difficult time believing or understanding God's supernatural healing powers, or that He even has these powers.  To those individuals, I would say read this book!! Here we have evidence that God can and does heal!!  A true testimony that even when He uses the medical sciences, which He too provided, His hand is necessary, and without it, there can be no true healing.  I am eternally blessed and my faith increased by this amazing recounting of a very special time in the lives of a very special family!

Kim G.

This book, unlike any other is a roadmap to navigating the experience of pediatric cancer. It is written in a way in which you feel as if you are there in the moment where you emotionally experience the trauma!

T. C.

Throughout this book I cried and laugh and rejoiced when I thought of how amazing our God is and how we are blessed by Him!

Tina D.

When I received this book in the mail as a gift I was in the middle of something important. So I decided to just take a peak and 2-hours I had finished the book and realized how much this family went through and much God had blessed them. Great read and well written!

Jerry W.

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About Cheri Hartsfield

Cheri Hartsfield’s debut book on healing details one of the challenges she faced as a wife, mother, daughter, and Christian minister. Through the course of being married to Dr. Ivan Hartsfield for 32 years, raising five children, and pastoring church congregations, Cheri has gained valuable knowledge in the areas of miracles and divine healing.

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